fbpx Events for September 2, 2022 | Orland Park Health & Fitness Center
Click here for PRINTABLE Land Class Schedule EFF 9/26/2022 Click here for PRINTABLE Aqua Class Schedule EFF 9/26/2022 *All Barre, Cylcle, Pilates, Stretch & Restore &Yoga classes in Studio A/B require reservation the day before or day of class. Please note: Lane Lines are moved 15 minutes prior to the start of an Aqua Class. The last lap lane will remain open for lap swimmers.


Studio C

A 45-minute group cycling class based on aerobic endurance. Training and intervals. Includes jumps, climbs, and sprints.


Cardio Dance

Studio A

A fun- filled low impact cardio workout. Instructor incorporates basic dance moves to give you a great cardio class!


Hatha Yoga

Studio A

Participants learn how to relax, strengthen, and soothe their bodies and minds while increasing flexibility and strength through various postures and breathing techniques. Concludes with meditation.


Gentle Yoga


A beginner Yoga class designed to meet the needs of seniors and other participants with special needs. Chairs will be used. 45 minutes

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