Click here for PRINTABLE Land Class Schedule EFF 9/13/2021 Click here for PRINTABLE Aqua Class Schedule EFF 9/13/2021 *All Barre, Cylcle, Pilates & Yoga classes in Studio A/B require reservation the day before or day of class.

Cardio Dance


A fun- filled low impact cardio workout. Instructor incorporates basic dance moves to give you a great cardio class!

Aqua Motion

Lap Pool

This class targets all aspects of physical fitness through movement in the water. Creative cardiovascular work will be combined with water resistive training to tone and firm the whole body!

Barre Blend


This Pilates base workout will focus on strength, toning and balance with the use of the ballet bar, props and mat work.


Studio A

A 45-minute group cycling class based on aerobic endurance. Training and intervals. Includes jumps, climbs, and sprints.

Aqua Aerobics

Lap Pool

Put the water resistance to work for you during this high-energy cardiovascular workout. The class concludes with strengthening exercises and a stretch.

Stretch & Mobility


This 30 min. static stretching class works through a series of standing and seated stretches to improve flexibility and help to alleviate muscle soreness. It is best to attend post […]

Pure Strength

Studio A

Build strength, add definition, and decrease body fat by increasing lean muscle! Using a variety of weight training equipment, you will work every major muscle group in this 50 min. […]

Wet Program

Therapy Pool

Taught by a Certified Aquatic Instructor, this class is ideal for those with arthritis, joint replacement, fibromyalgia, Chronic pain, etc. Participants engage in a variety of exercises that will improve […]

Aqua Dynamics

Lap Pool

a variety of unique movements will be incorporated into this class to work your muscles and keep your heart pumping.

Arthritis Aqua

Therapy Pool

This program is geared for individuals with mobility challenges such as arthritis, joint injuries, or surgery. Class will consist of low intensity exercises emphasizing range of motion with the aid […]

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